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I'm Shlomo (Momo) Lifshitz, I'm the founder and CEO of Lirom Global Education (Study in Israel LLC) and hope to fulfill the vision of making Israel a center of global education by bringing oversea students to study abroad in Israel, the Start-Up Nation. In my past, I founded and ran Oranim Educational Initiatives for 25 years bringing almost 150,000 young people to various trips to Israel. 

Lirom Global Education program participants come from all over the world to study abroad in Israel. This global environment creates a unique and international social experience within each group. Most students arrive independently and quickly make new friends, as each program group creates its own mini-community in Israel.  Each program is intellectually stimulating, academically enriching, socially exciting and 100% life changing.

Rather than a fleeting taste, Lirom students get to experience the real deal as they settle into the land, culture and language of Israel. Whether living in the Carmel Mountains, waking up to the sounds of Jerusalem’s Shuk, or breathing in the salt-water air from a Tel Aviv seaside apartment, each program offers exciting and challenging opportunities. Students on Lirom programs are able to grow academically and professionally with the help of our dedicated staff, as well as the enthusiastic and experienced professors, teachers, and academic support.  

Students on our high school programs have the added benefit of a structured and dedicated support group 24 hours a day, while our older participants enjoy the freedom of adulthood and the comfort of knowing our staff is always available for any of their needs.


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