Scholarships for CLB studies

Study in Israel

College of Law and Business

  • Studies start Fall 2018
  • All classes are taught in English 
  • 3 year program for a BA in Business Administration focusing on Globalization and international law
  • Internships available 
  • Study tours of China & Europe available
  • Dual Degree in Law available


  • Affordable tuition of $30,000 for entire degree
  • $250 application fee
  • China Study Tour priced separately
  • Limited scholarships available
  • Comprehensive student support offered: Accommodation, health insurance,  and  24/7 personal assistance


Scholarships for CLB studies

Scholarships for the College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan

Undergraduate Degree in Law and Business for English speakers

The College of Law and Business (CLB) in Ramat Gan is raising the bar on international programs and is now making it easier for smart students like yourself to pay for your law and/or business degrees studies in Israel. The college prides itself on having the highest paid graduates in Israel and strongly believes in social mobility, where students from different economic backgrounds can get ahead in life. There are a number of scholarships available from CLB for relevant candidates.

Merit-Based Scholarships

What's your SAT or psychometric test score?

% of the tuition deducted as scholarship USA
 (SAT exam)
(psychometric exam)
% of scores

New: 1200 -1319
Old: 1720 -1919


600 top 25% of scores

New: 1320 -1429
Old: 1920 -2129 

650 top 11% of scores
50% New: 1430 and higher 
Old: 2130 or higher
700 top 3% of scores


The $250 non-refundable registration processing fee still required at time of application. 

If you did not take the exam, and your GPA is 3.5 (90 out of 100), please submit your class ranking along with the financial aid request form.

Graduates Scholarships

The College of Law and Business offers a range of scholarships starting from 15% all the way up to 50% in discounts off of tuition for graduate and Ph.D. students. Academics applying to the program would receive waivers from some courses, based on their transcripts and past academic performance


The Human Rights Program

The College of Law and Business grants up to 10 scholarships a year to first-year students in the Human Rights Program who have a proven record of social activism. They wish for their students to strive with a free, dynamic, and comprehensive database that is offered to help raise awareness and disseminate information across academic and public circles in Israel. 


Outside sources of scholarships:

MASA Grants

MASA offers grants for Jewish young adults (18-30) in the joint MASA-International MBA program. MASA Israel Journey offers all qualified participants universal grants from $1,000 to $3,500, depending on the length of stay and age. Additional needs-based scholarships are available. Grants are contingent on MASA approval and are subject to change.

ISA grants for New Olim

If you are under the age of 26, have made aliyah in the past 6 years, you will need to check whether you qualify for $3,000 annual grant from the Israeli Student Authority ISA - Minhal Studentim

Other grants:

Contact us at or whatsapp for more information: +972-58-766-6226



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