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IMBA Israel: Start-Up Nation

Keying in on Israel’s unique business ecosystem, Bar-Ilan’s international MBA in Israel curriculum contains a special segment on the history of the “Start-up Nation,” replete with a special lecture series by some of Israel’s top minds and field-trips to see some of Israel’s most vital enterprises.

A Little Bit About the "Start Up Nation"

Located in the center of the Mediterranean, at the convergence of the Middle East and Europe, lies the tiny country of Israel.

For years, Israel has been the center for international civilizations, and the impacts of those civilizations can still be felt today in modern culture. Israel is the religious center of the three monotheistic religions of the world, and recently has established itself as the center for entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.

The high level of academia in Israel is well known and highly regarded throughout the world. Israel is a recognized center for technology, with the largest number of startup companies in the world outside the United States. There are many opportunities for internships in companies, all of which are very receptive to non-Hebrew speakers integrating in the work force. While the media may focus on the conflict, the daily hustle and bustle in Israel shows that there is much more going on in the startup nation.

“Technological innovation and incubation are the driving forces behind Israel’s dynamic economy.” Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, 2012

Because the majority of the program's courses will be given in Israel, you'll have a chance to experience this entrepreneurial spirit for yourself! Gain experience and inspiration: it's part of the atmosphere.

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