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Affordable 1-1 lessons Anywhere & Anytime that suits YOU!

Choose how many lessons a week you want and where in Israel you want to study!

Pricing: Private, 1-1 classes: $65 per academic hour.

From the 21st hour/week this rate goes down to $60/hour.

Groups of up to 3: 50% discount for the 2nd and 3rd student participant in the group!

Housing: Dorms, studio apartments and hotel rooms available. 

Prices vary depending on the location of choice and type of accommodation.

Please contact for details

Ages: 15+



"I travelled to Tel Aviv to attend a one week intensive Farsi course. I signed up for a one-on-one session and it proved to be a thoroughly worthwhile experience. First of all, my resident was located on Tel Aviv´s trendy Dizengoff Street, situated close to many popular cafes and retail stores, which meant it was easy to take a break from studies and enjoy what the neigh-bourhood had to offer. 
Since the lessons were one-on-one, it was easy to select the pace and focus on certain as-pects of Farsi grammar and vocabulary. In addition, I learnt a lot about the Iranian Jewish community in Israel and during the week I spent there, I visited the Levinsky market, where one can find Persian spice shops, restaurants and antique stores. While it is not Tehran, it certainly gave me an immersive experience, which is so important when learning a language.
I improved my conversational abilities and the quality of the teaching is exceptional. I would recommend Lirom to anyone who would like to improve their Farsi, gather some cultural in-sights and enjoy what Tel Aviv has to offer."

Emily, The Netherlands.


"I had an excellent experience with Lirom Language Center. My Arabic teacher, Gil was very educated, patient, and easy to get along with. He came to every lesson on time and well prepared with relevant material and a positive attitude. I can honestly say I looked forward to each and every lesson and finished them feeling extremely satisfied. In the short two weeks I feel like I learned so much with material far more complex than I had even imagined. I loved the struc-ture of the book we worked out of because it got us to a much higher level of speaking at a very rapid yet understandable pace. Gil's teaching methods of drawing grammar and struc-tural connections to Hebrew as well as encouraging us to make associations for the vocabu-lary to help with memorization was really helpful. Gil created a very comfortable and fun learning environment, helping guide us through our mistakes while celebrating our small victories. Going out onto the streets and trying to practice our Arabic was both enriching and validating as well as a nice break from the intensity of our book work. Overall, I got a very good impression of the Lirom Language Center and would love to come back and learn more!"

Anna Chang, USA


"I had a great experience, I feel that I learned so much with our teacher, Gil. Every day we had focused lessons that pushed me out of my comfort zone and really made me feel like I could continue with Arabic when coming back to the States. Gil always checked in to make sure that the pace worked for us. Past the language element, we also had very interesting seg-ments about culture and politics. I'm so happy I chose to take Arabic with Lirom!"

Tal Mor, USA


My stay in Tel Aviv was perfectly organized by Lirom -Institute. I booked a one week private course for Hebrew with a native speaker.

The lessons took place at my teacher’s place, who lived next to my apartment, every day. The lessons themselves – for 2 hours each day - were prepared perfectly for me- a student who has never learned Hebrew before.

I learned much about daily life and the most important phrases in Hebrew, we started as well to read and learn the alphabet - what is really fast for a course of one week (5 days), but it suited me alright and was no problem with a teacher like mine.

I would highly recommend anyone to book a course with Lirom, they are really looking to find the right course for each student really fast.
Lirom really cares for its students and is always in touch with them to check that everything is fine.

Julia Traar, Austria



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