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Study in Israel

Affordable 1-1 lessons Anywhere & Anytime that suits YOU!

Choose how many lessons a week you want and where in Israel you want to study!

Pricing: Private, 1-1 classes: $65 per academic hour.

From the 21st hour/week this rate goes down to $60/hour.

Groups of up to 3: 50% discount for the 2nd and 3rd student participant in the group!

Housing: Dorms, studio apartments and hotel rooms available. 

Prices vary depending on the location of choice and type of accommodation.

Please contact for details

Ages: 15+

Optional services that can be purchased through Lirom Global Education include:


In order to ensure that your stay in Israel is as simple and enjoyable as possible, Lirom can provides students with the opportunity to live in fully equipped studio apartments. The studio apartments are located near wherever you choose to study. 

Each student choosing to rent accommodation through Lirom will receive a fully furnished studio apartment complete with a bed, desk, sitting area, and kitchenette, equipped with a mini fridge, microwave and stovetop. The apartments are all inclusive, including additional costs such as air conditioning, wireless Internet, city tax, electricity, water, television and weekly maid service.

Students may choose to live together in a shared room in order to reduce the cost. Pricing is $99/night for a student on there own in a studio flat, or $130/night for both students in a shared studio-flat accommodation.

Dorms and hotel rooms of ALL levels are also available. 

Pricing available upon request.

Health Insurance:

All Lirom students must have comprehensive Israeli health insurance in order to attend one of the short or long term programs offered. The insurance costs $50/week.  The insurance does not cover pre-existing illnesses or medical issues related to drugs and/or alcohol.

Cell phone: 

Lirom has partnered with a top of personal communication devices for visitors and tourists. Lirom has secured low cost phones for rent for the duration of the program. All phones on the Lirom plan include unlimited incoming calls and a local American number, so that family and friends can call at no additional charge.


Arranging visa’s and flights can be time consuming and stressful. In order to ensure that your preparation and arrival to Israel are both smooth and uncomplicated, Lirom offers flight purchasing services, group flights (departing from NYC) and assistance in procuring student visas for the entire duration of the program.


Part of the study abroad experience takes place beyond the classroom walls and outside of the campus library. When in Israel, Lirom encourages students to explore the country with their eyes and feet. Excursions are optional and at an additional cost. ($90/week)

Airport Pickup and Transfer:

Airport assistance and transfer services to and from Ben-Gurion Airport are available.


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