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study Farsi in Israel

Persian, or Farsi, is one of the major languages in the Middle East spoken in Iran, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Qatar and Uzbekistan, and is a critical language according to the United States Government. Persian is an Indo-European language related to English, and French. While it is not related to Arabic, Persian is written in the modern Arabic script.

For centuries the Persian language has remained unchanged and as a result it is one of the most culturally and literary rich languages of modern times. Students interested in studying Persian are invited to join the Lirom Language Center programs, where they will be exposed to the rich and diverse Persian language and culture. Due to the intense political and economic situation in Iran, students interested in studying Farsi are at an advantage when seeking positions in the government sector, military, intelligence, journalism or politics.

Anyone interested in understanding the global market, the security sector or military actions in the region would benefit from having a basic understanding of Farsi. The Lirom Language Center Persian language program provides students with a basic insight into the Farsi language as well as familiarizes them with the alphabet, sentence structure and provides a foundation of everyday words. 

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