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Study in Israel

Affordable 1-1 lessons Anywhere & Anytime that suits YOU!

Choose how many lessons a week you want and where in Israel you want to study!

Pricing: Private, 1-1 classes: $65 per academic hour.

From the 21st hour/week this rate goes down to $60/hour.

Groups of up to 3: 50% discount for the 2nd and 3rd student participant in the group!

Housing: Dorms, studio apartments and hotel rooms available. 

Prices vary depending on the location of choice and type of accommodation.

Please contact info@universityinisrael.com for details

Ages: 15+

Hebrew Immersion Program

Learn the language of Israel: Israel is a dynamic multi-faceted society made up of people from many different ethnic groups and nationalities. Hebrew is the official language of Israel and the common language of all those who live there.

Live and work in Israel: Israel has a notable size population of foreign workers, refugees and new immigrants who have come to live and work in the country. Knowledge of the Hebrew language, its culture and its people makes it easier to live and to find work in Israel.

Experience the culture of Israel: Hebrew allows you to meaningfully engage with the rich and complex history and culture of Israel and to acquire a more profound sense of the land and its people. Lirom's Language Center's Hebrew Immersion program will take to the streets, visiting Shuks in Israel, engaging the communities and truely living the language. 

Study in Israel: Knowledge of Hebrew assists those planning to study at an Israeli University, those engaged in research in the Middle East, or simply those wanting to further their knowledge of Hebrew previously acquired at a Jewish Hebrew School or University.

Study the Bible: Hebrew is a holy language that facilitates a deeper understanding of the Bible and of prayer.

Political insight: There is an ever-increasing importance of Israel in the political arena. Learning the language, understanding its culture and people provides a deeper insight into the significant role that Israel plays in the global community.

Visit Israel: Tourist and long stay visitors to Israel have a greater advantage if they can speak Hebrew.

Why study Hebrew abroad in Israel at Lirom Global Education?

Lirom specializes in the study of Hebrew and affords people of all ages, from all nationalities and all countries to come and study Hebrew in Israel and experience the land, its people, and its vibrant culture and rich traditions.

Lirom’s Hebrew Langauge Program is designed to accelerate your Hebrew language learning experience and provide you with the opportunity to:

  • Study in Israel. 
  • Receive one-on-one flexible, tailor-made, yet affordable tutoring. 
  • Learn the Hebrew language from a highly qualified native-Israeli speaking instructor.
  • Live the Hebrew language by being exposed to its culture and its people. Hebrew Immersion
  • Experience the Hebrew language sensually in an everyday environment – its sights, sounds and feel. 
  • Internalize Hebrew and begin to speak, listen and think like a native-speaker. 
  • Accelerate your Hebrew language learning experience by taking the lessons beyond the classroom.
  • Fully immerse yourself in the common language of all those who live and work in Israel.

A world of intrigue and excitement awaits you when you study Hebrew in Israel with Lirom.
Come experience Lirom's exhilarating Hebrew Study Abroad Program!

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