Gap Program Structure

Study in Israel

  • Earn 10 college credits towards your Bachelor’s degree
  • Explore a new culture
  • Get a taste of college  and learn to be independent
  • Make friends from all over the world
  • Learn Hebrew - 80 hours Ulpan
  • Volunteer and make a difference with Tikkun Olam




Prices: $10,900 

Non-refundable $100 application handling fee and $100 first down payment made at time ot application = $200

Academic Gap Year/Semester Program

The Lirom Academic Gap Year / Semester program is designed to give students a taste of college in Israel – this means living in a dorm style apartment, taking classes in an accredited Israeli college, and exploring Israel like real Israelis – all with the safety net of a structured program!

Course Content:

The GAP year program contains various parts:

1) Academic studies in Law or Business 2-4 days a week at the College of Law and Business.

The College of Law and Business has a strong reputation and has staff who themselves have studied in some of the world's most prestigious universities. Being able to gain credits for either use in Israel or and abroad is an exciting opportunity.


2) Hebrew Ulpan

Students will also participate in Hebrew classes in order to truly give them a taste of the country – how else can you learn about Israel if you can’t order humus from a restaurant?

The aim of the Ulpan is to provide an intensive course that will enable participants to come out of the program with the ability to a functional level. After the first month of intensive learning, there will be one to two classes a week throughout the remainder of the course. Each student will be assessed and placed in the appropriate level. In the event that someone exhibits a really advanced level of Hebrew, an exemption from this part of the course may be permitted. Please ask about this, if you feel this is applicable to you.

3) Seminars/lectures

There will be a weekly seminar on topics including politics, culture and Israeli society to give students an insight into various aspects of life in Israel.

4) Field trips and Tours of Israel

These will include trips to Jerusalem's the Old City, Hebron, Golan Heights, Bedouin communities, hiking, camping and more.




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