Dolphin study program topics

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10 days academic course, valued at 3 credits.

Next sessions:

  • May 4th-13th 2020
  • June 8-17th 2020

Price: $1,500 for the course + $100 application fee

(non-refundable $200 paid at registration: $100 application + $100 down-payment)

Optional: 2-stars accommodation with breakfast, 2 people sharing a double-room. $880 for 9 nights

Medical insurance offered separately. 


Dolphin study program topics

Dolphin study program topics

The course contains 3 modules (all three):

The following is an example of the lectures presented. Exact lectures and topics may change in accordance to group
interest and availability.

Dolphin Biology and Behavior Module
•Introduction to Marine Biology
•Introduction to the Gulf of Aqaba
•Methods in ethology: Systematic collection of data, with special reference to social behavior
•Ethogram workshop: Observing animals
•Guided project in dolphin behavior based on observation
•Dolphin vocal communication
•Cetacean social behavior and ecology, with special reference to Bottlenose dolphins
•Cetology: Evolution of whales and dolphins, adaptation to the marine environment

Dolphin Training and Husbandry Module
•Veterinary considerations in maintaining dolphins in captivity
•Animal training and training dolphins in Dolphin Reef
•The open sea project
•Evaluating the human experience in swim-with-dolphins programs; methodological approaches
•Dolphin recognition and identification. Identification of the dolphins at Dolphin Reef
•First aid to marine mammals: How to deal with stranded cetaceans

Dolphin Assisted Therapy Module
•Animal-assisted therapy
•Supportive experience with the aid of the dolphins
•Preparations, executing and discussion of systematic observations of therapy sessions
•Swims with the dolphins
•Autism and therapeutical methods with the assistance of dolphins
•Scientific seminar on dolphin therapy
•Observation of therapy sessions

The exact program will be handed out at the beginning of the course. Variations and changes in the program
are possible.

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