Intl. Lab for Dolphin Research

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10 days academic course, valued at 3 credits.

Next sessions:

  • May 4th-13th 2020
  • June 8-17th 2020

Price: $1,940 for the course + $100 application fee

(non-refundable $200 paid at registration: $100 application + $100 down-payment)

Optional: accommodation tailored to your budget and requirements. Please request a quote.

Medical insurance offered separately. 


About International Laboratory for Dolphin Behaviour Research

Why Choose to study at the International Laboratory for Dolphin Behaviour Research at the Dolphin Reef?

The Dolphin Reef hosts the International Laboratory for Dolphin Behaviour Research in Eilat. The scientific research examines different aspects of dolphin behavior, communication, and dolphin-human interaction. It is important to note that all research with the dolphins is non-invasive, and nothing is done to harm or harass the animals in any way. Not only do we aspire to become one of the leading interdisciplinary research centers in the world, it already hosts hundreds of colleagues and guest visitors from other universities and institutions each year. This helps to achieve the goals of collaboration and advancement.


Dolphin Reef Eilat Photo Credit: Dolphin Reef Eilat


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