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Hospitality Studies course curriculum

Lessons and final curriculum - subject to change


Introduction to the world of hospitality "Welcome"
Types of events (Class exercise) Private, business, public and community events
The composition of the production team How to choose a winning team
Mitchatnim (Getting married) A world of marketing in the language of emotion and budget
Production Research and 5W briefing Targeted definition of customer's needs
Selecting concept and location A central theme and adjustment to the scene of the event
The process of production stages Bids and Tenders
Event's budget Budget building and management including profit and loss analysis
Specifications building Suppliers and detailed line-up
logistics Operational estimates for the event
Sales and Marketing
Courting sessions Tools for locating potential customers
Negotiations without a flaw Conducting an intelligent and effective negotiations
The art of sales Studying the sales processes
Personal branding Storytelling, differentiation and personal empowerment
Food and Beverages Building menus, serving forms, service personnel
Designing an alternative atmosphere Dance floor - an experience from another world
Designs - Workshop Atmosphere design - colors, tools, furniture, equipment
Concept Design Adapting the design to the concept
Music and ensembles The world of music and sound
Alcohol & cocktails workshop Introduction with bar and beverage services
Creative Workshop Where do ideas come from? (How to renew and excite)
Directing and multimedia Lighting effects and atmosphere
Contractual engagements and labor laws Legal issues in the accommodation world
Event safety Construction and Safety - from the Maccabiah disaster to Mount Herzl
The interface between the producer and the event venue A successful integration between the producer and the event venue manager
Specialized producers A meeting with specialized producers - fashion, automotive, music, overseas

100 hours of lessons will be chosen from among this list

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