This Summer, Try Something Completely Different

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This Summer, Try Something Completely Different


 Experience a Side of Israel You Never Imagined


Whether it’s the summer before you set off for college or the last vacation before you get your degree, every year there’s the same age-old dilemma.  Should you spend your summer doing something constructive, like working or taking classes to graduate sooner on the one hand, or use the precious little free time you have left before you’ll be locked into a career and family life to check a few of the more interesting items off of your bucket list?

            But really that oldest of college conundrums is really a false choice.  Now more than ever there are opportunities to see and do amazing things far, far away from home – and get college credits for them.  And the farther away from the States you get, the greater the selection there is for such programs, particularly in countries known for being major tourist destinations.  Why?  Well, naturally people aiming for the bucket list option want to do something they’re otherwise unable or unlikely to do at home and see things they’re not going to encounter stateside. 

            Take the case of Israel, for example.  It’s one of the world’s oldest tourist destinations – actually, it’s probably the oldest tourist site – and is rapidly becoming one of the top venues for international students.  So the logic of having hybrid, educational-tourist programs is fairly straightforward.  That’s good news if you’ve been wanting to visit Israel someday, which, if you’re anything of a traveler you of course do. 

            Actually the fusion of alternative activities with serious college accredited learning has taken off in Israel more than just about anywhere else.  Some of the activities capitalize on Israel’s well-known and unique qualities.  There’s credit-bearing summer programs for comprehensive explorations of the Holy Land’s history, geography, flora, fauna, and culture.  And if watching Indiana Jones has you aching for some real-life relic hunting, of course there’s dedicated programs covering the archaeological goldmine that is Israel.

            But not everything revolves around the past.  Israel is a lot more than holy sites, Dead Seas, and ancient history.  And taking a summer program doing something unique Israel has to offer is a great way of discovering the other Israel, the Israel that’s not restricted to history books. 

            Take Israel’s unique Dolphin Biology and Dolphin Assisted Therapy, for instance.  There you’re afforded the opportunity to learn about dolphins up, close, and personal, and discover why they’re so useful for providing therapy to children suffering from disorders like ADHD and autism.  And Dolphin Biology is only one small part of the Red Sea’s unique eco-system.   The Red Sea is one of the world’s most popular diving sites, owing to its beautiful coral reefs, ecological diversity, and the preponderance of sunken ships.  In this case, too, credited summer programs are available for things like exploring Israel’s underwater habitats.

            And if you’re not the outdoorsy type, not everything involves field study.  Learn about political and business negotiations.  Get hands on experience from the pros in conflict resolution.  Or learn a new language, wowing your friends and fulfilling your college’s foreign language requirement.  Whatever your interests, you’ll find something to do – all while getting credit at your school back home!




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