Live life: Step out of Helicopter!

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Posted on March 27th, 2015

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My name is Shlomo (Momo) Lifshitz and for the 25 years I ran Oranim Educational initiatives, I've brought over 150,000 young people on various trips to Israel. I believe that anyone who comes to Israel and experiences first hand will fall in love with this country. See more of our educational tourism programs on

Live life: Step out of Helicopter!

Avoid Helicopter Tourism and Get the Most Out of Your Next Vacation

How many foreign countries have you visited? If you’re a jetsetter, you might boast of having seen dozens of countries around the world. But how many have you actually experienced and taken in fully? Most travelers today forget that when exploring the globe, quality counts just as much as quantity.

Helicopter Tourism

Too often seeing the world has been reduced to just that – seeing. With this “helicopter tourism”, travelers pass through from one attraction to the next without ever encountering the country as it really is. Visitors today can go from the airport to hotel to the local point of interest without ever leaving their own cultural bubble.

But breezing through a country without ever leaving home mentally, just to snap some pictures of the world’s most heavily photographed sites, can hardly be considered a meaningful experience. Travel isn’t just about taking selfies in front of the Eiffel Tower or eating McDonald’s in a different hemisphere.

Exploring Countries, Exploring Cultures

To make a vacation really fulfilling and to truly get the most of your trip, you need to discover not only the country – the land, the places, the buildings – but the culture as well. Eye candy is nice, but by only taking in the country visually you lose the richest experiences of all.

But getting to know a foreign culture is difficult, particularly with the time constraints vacations tend to impose. Taking guided tours is one solution to the problem. But these tours are still relatively limited in depth and focus on showing the big tourist attractions. For long term stays, culture studies programs are a great option, but because of their length they’re generally relevant only for college students taking a semester off.

Today Lirom Language Center has introduced an alternative model, combining the best elements of both the guided tour and cultural study programs with the new cultural immersion program in Israel. Flexible yet comprehensive, the cultural immersion program will help you learn the language – either Hebrew, Arabic, or Farsi – with private tutoring tailored to your needs. You can customize your tour package, going where you want, when you want it. You’ll learn about the country firsthand, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the shuk (market), mingling with the locals, and dining in restaurants off the beaten tourist track. The immersion program is the best way, no matter how long your stay, to get to know the country and the culture.

Don’t waste this year’s vacation abroad. Make this trip count with a cultural immersion program that will leave you with more than just photographs.

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