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“Start-up Nation” is the name coined by Dan Senor and Saul Singer for Israel in their best-selling book of the same title. The byline of the book’s name is “The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle”, and, indeed, the book describes the story of how Israel, a 60-year-old country of 7.1 million (that was 6 years ago, we are now a bit larger and older), with no natural resources, has become synonymous with technology and scientific start-ups, drawing more R&D investment per capita than any other country on earth, including the USA. This is why Israel has become in recent years the ultimate destination for studying anything having to do with technological innovation and bringing these novelties to the market.

A few more facts:

  • There are more Israeli companies listed on the tech heavy NASDAQ than Europe, Japan, Korea, India, and China combined.
  • Israel has the largest share of early-stage venture capital funds as percentage of gross domestic product of any OECD country.

We could go on and on, but anyone, anywhere in the world, involved in technology is well aware of the high-tech / bio-tech / clean-tech powerhouse that Israel has become. Not only does Israel leads in the start-up development but also in corporate innovation. This is why the world’s technology giants, such as Intel, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook all have major R&D centers in the country. On the flip side, the primary markets for most Israeli technology start-ups are international, especially considering that Israel as a market is very small, so Israeli businesses have by nature a global perspective.

Of course, the Israeli technology steam-engine is backed by unique and innovative business practices, as described by the Tech Unicorns stories in the press of skyrocketing, garage-based start-ups and tremendous buyouts and IPO’s (just this year, Israel based Mobileye was bought by Intel for $15.3 billion, Israel’s largest ever exit). For example, after Intel established an R&D center in Haifa, the company was so impressed by its Israeli employees, that it began running cross-cultural seminars to introduce Israel’s unique business culture to American employees. What is so special about these Israelis? Some say it’s their “chutzpah” (broadly translated as “audacity”) while others attribute it to the diverse, multinational culture of the country. Whatever it may be, studying in the heart of the Start-up Nation can teach students how to develop innovation and entrepreneurial skills for business that only Israel can teach.

In fact, many of the top academic institutions in Israel have start-up incubators or accelerators so students can gain real experience in entrepreneurship and realizing innovation. For example, Ramat Gan based College of Law and Business boasts of its Eco-Hub start-up incubator that sees business students in their last year focusing on sustainability-conscious business and innovations. CLB also runs Small and Medium sized Enterprise (SME) clinics so students understand the workings of starting small companies and strategize their survival and growth within the competitive market.

Legal is Everywhere

Much less in the forefront of popular attention, but just as important as the business side of things, is the legal cog, without which start-ups couldn’t be formed, couldn’t protect their intellectual property, couldn’t offer their stock, privately or on public exchanges, couldn’t do much at all and there would be no Start-up Nation. From simple NDA’s to copyright assignments, patent applications and prosecution and a countless number of agreements and contract types, every move a start-up makes needs to be shored up legally.

Considering that Israeli technology start-ups must operate in the global marketplace in order to survive and thrive, they require qualified English and Hebrew speaking attorneys to help guide them through the maze of demands presented by each target country’s legal system. Attorneys who study at The College of Law and Business, or CLB’s bilingual law degree program, may choose to become familiar with all of the legal spokes that propel the Start-up Nation forward.

CLB, Best of Breed in Law and Business Studies

The College of Law and Business, more than other institutions, is keenly aware of the contribution of the legal and business disciplines to the success of the Start-up Nation and is home to some of Israel’s top business and legal start-up experts. The business degree is taught in English and the Law degree is for bilingual students who can study in English and Hebrew. Both degrees are global in nature and focus on the importance of global markets for start-ups and international corporations in Israel. CLB and Study in Israel have partnered to bring to you programs designed for English speakers and invite you to come and be a part of the Start-up Nation phenomena. Scholarships are available. Apply today!

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