Israeli Arab Singer Mixing Arabic and Hebrew

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The Importance of Immersion

Probably you didn't know who Nasreen Qadri is, but in Israel she is h-u-g-e and she is loved by both Jewish and Arab Israelis. This are the type of people that build bridges between communities, and the only way to know about them is through immersion. The Arabic language, in all its forms, is as rich as it is the culture behind it - you just can't have one without the other. 

That is why with Study Arabic in Israel you will find what's missing in any other Arabic learning program, both written and spoken. As part of our Global Center for Languages, all of our Arabic learning programs provide a unique oportunity to be submerged in the neverending and full of surprises world of Arab culture, by taking an active part in it! Through hosting families, volunteering and participating in a vast variety of activities in local Arab villages in the Wadi Ara area, you will be able top put to the test everything you learn at the classroom - in real time!

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Israeli Arab Singer Mixing Arabic and Hebrew

Nasreen Qadri, an Israeli Arab and Muslim singer, has no issues about performing in settlements and refuses to bow down to those who say she shouldn't just because she's an Arab.

Qadri first entered the public eye after winning a reality singing competition in 2011 and has since made a name as a gifted singer not afraid to speak out about controversial issues. Most famously, she took a stand against BDS, arguing in favor of Radiohead's show in Israel and eventually going on to open for them with another Israeli singer.

In an op-ed in Newsweek at the time, Qadri described the efforts to "boycott the only democracy in the Middle East" as "counter-productive" and detrimental to those hoping to push for peace and tolerance, a position not usually heard from Israeli Arabs.

“Don’t take me into these corners,” she said. “We were born into a difficult, abnormal and crazy reality. I come from a place of making it simpler, more positive. Music can bring people together, and that’s what I’m doing.”

The singer made it once more to the headlines when she performed at the national torch lighting ceremony on Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl for Israel’s 69th Independence Day on 2017, what she believes to have made the event more inclusive for Arabs. A day before, Israel paused to mourn the nation’s fallen soldiers on Yom HaZikaron, or Memorial Day, the Arab pop singer helped to usher in the somber mood.

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