Elite Israeli High Schools Open Their Doors to Anglos– For Free

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Date Posted: March 16, 2015

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Elite Israeli High Schools Open Their Doors to Anglos – For Free

Finding a good high school just got a whole lot easier. Five leading Israeli schools have opened their doors to Englsih-speaking teens and best of all, not only is the tuition free, the programs are all expenses paid, with housing, meals, transportation, books, and spending money all covered. Even the flight out to Israel is free.

The free high school in Israel programs are open to all Jewish students and offer a relief from the notoriously high tuitions paid for Jewish high schools in the US. And not only are the participating schools top tier academically, each features its own area of specialization, giving students a wide range of high school experiences to choose from.

There’s literally something for everyone.

Channeling Your Inner Einstein

For the mathematically or scientifically inclined, the Anieres Elite Academy, the international crème de la crème of STEM studies (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), gives students the chance of a lifetime. Along with the school’s rigorous academics, the Anieres program enables student to earn their B.Sc. from the renowned Technion University in only two years. Anieres’ own science and engineering programs are actually given in tandem with the Technion, giving participants world class university-level training while still in high school.

Finding Spirituality in the Beauty of Tzfat

Students seeking a more spiritual experience, on the other hand, can find it in the beautiful Galilean city of Tzfat. Long a center of Kabbalah, Tzfat draws thousands of visitors and students seeking to take in the breathtaking forest landscape, the peacefully sublime atmosphere, and the artisans’ colony in the old city. The Beit Chana High School in Tzfat gives girls a strong academic background while nurturing their spiritual development in the Chabad tradition. Careful attention is given to the needs of every individual student, with every two grades having its own vice principal, guidance counselor, and secretary. The campus itself is perched above Meron and the Kinneret, offering a tremendous view. 

Religion and Zionism – and Academic Excellence

The Ulpanat high school Amana is another option for religious girls. Nestled in Kfar Saba in the heart of Israel, Amana’s emphasizes both Torah education and Zionism, while also providing a top notch general education. Amana is ranked as one of the 10 best schools academically in the entire country. Amana encourages students to cultivate their abilities and offers a variety of programs including drama, art, chemistry, biology, psychology, computer science, and Land of Israel studies and features after school activities like chorus, choir, capoeira martial arts, and dance. Amana is also a great choice for students who might be considering making Aliyah, or just want to connect with a diverse group of Jewish teens from all over the world.

International School with that Suburban Feel

Mosenson High School in Hod HaSharon has a lot to brag about. It’s consistently ranked as one of the top schools in Israel in both academics and sports. It has award-winning film and communication programs, elite classes in subjects in math and the physical sciences, as well as a special agro-ecology department. But one of Mosenson’s biggest draws for Western students is the location. Hod HaSharon is one of Israel’s most sought after locations, offering the best of both worlds, with all the amenities of city life along with the open spaces and quiet of an upper-middle class American suburb. Students flock from all over the world to enjoy Mosenson’s pristine campus and to benefit from its vaunted academic programs, making Mosenson a truly international school.

Leaving the City Behind

Not everyone loves the big city. Some people crave the closeness to nature and slower, more meaningful and socially-connected lifestyle afforded by the Kibbutz. Ein Gedi High, located inside kibbutz Ein Gedi right next to the fabulously gorgeous Ein Gedi national park and a stone’s throw from Masada, the Dead Sea, and Qumran. For the nature enthusiast, Ein Gedi has it all. But Kibbutz life is more than just nature or peace and quiet. Ein Gedi High echoes the Kibbutz ethos of closely knit social life, offering small classes were bonds are formed and a sense of camaraderie forged. Ein Gedi prides itself not only on its high academic ranking in the Teudat Bagrut (matriculation certificate) tests, but also its unique environmental studies programs, art and communication classes, as well as theater, music, film and radio departments, and media studies.

Why High School in Israel

Attending high school in Israel offers many benefits. Students develop an intimate connection with their heritage and the Jewish people. Academically, they graduate with a Teudat Bagrut (matriculation certificate) just like an Israeli high school graduate, certifying that they have passed the state’s rigorous standards.

The free high school in Israel programs give the added benefit of being able to attend the equivalent of an American private school – normally a luxury costing upwards of $20,000-$25,000 a year – at no cost at all. Each school offers unique fields of specialization you won’t find in most private schools – much less public schools. It’s an incredible opportunity to invest in your children’s future – and all for a price you can afford.

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