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Jewish Education takes the Progressive track

Jewish Education takes the Progressive track

Jewish educators and teachers need the latest tools and approaches to nurture Jewish understanding in these challenging assimilated times. The Melton Centre at the Hebrew University offers a one-year Master's program that's just right.

Jewish communities around the world rely on the skills of educators in Judaism to strengthen and enrich the bonds with the Jewish nation. In turn, those educators need updated inputs that will keep their teaching vibrant and relevant.

The answer comes from the Melton Centre for Jewish Education, which has developed a unique and innovative one-year 'blended' MA degree course in education. This means that distance learning (26 credits) is combined with a 6-week intense on-campus summer semester (14 credits) at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. For busy educators, this is the ideal arrangement.

A refreshing curriculum

Dr Michael Gillis, the Director of the Melton Centre, reports that the program has already generated great enthusiasm among its students since its inception in 2015. "Our program is an opportunity to study in depth and from a multi-disciplinary perspective, the substantial questions facing Jewish education today," he explains.

The MA course is rigorous and challenging. It is the only degree program using blended learning offered by the Hebrew University. The program offers courses in the philosophy of Jewish education, the pedagogy of teaching Jewish sources, Israel education, educational entrepreneurship and innovation, the sociology and psychology of identity.

For Adam Cohen, a London-born educator working at the informal level with Australian high schools, the MA specializing in Jewish Education has high value: "These are ideas that you can really put into practice. There have been so many occasions where I learnt something from one of my professors and then took that to the next level in my classroom."


Ultimate convenience

For young Jewish teachers like Adam, the arrangement of distance learning for the bulk of the academic year plus an intensive summer session is the only viable way to balance employment commitments with further education.

The Blended Master's Program specializing in Jewish Education from the Melton Centre is, above all, built around versatility. To again quote Dr. Gillis: "Educators can acquire a perspective of depth that can help them create programs that can serve local Jewish communities. To meet today’s educational challenges you must have flexible and innovative solutions. "

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