Another Israeli Success Story: The College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan is Becoming a World Renown Law School

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 The College of Law and Business (CLB) based in Ramat Gan, Israel, offers the LLB for bilingual Hebrew-English Speakers (LL.B.) degree, providing a great runway for entering the For-Benefit arena. This socially conscious college has influenced and continues to affect Israeli law through its society-orientated legal clinics and involvement in legal actions in Israel.

Another Israeli Success Story: The College of Law and Business in Ramat Gan is Becoming a World Renown Law School

Here are the latest Washington and Lee University, School of Law’s highly regarded law journal rankings in the area of human rights law:

  1. Columbia Human Rights Law Review
  2. Harvard Human Rights Journal
  3. Yale Human Rights & Development Law Journal
  4. Law & Ethics of Human Rights (2007-) (Israel)
  5. Boston College Journal of Law and Social Justice

Looks exactly as you might expect, doesn’t it? Not entirely - #4 sticks out as an anomaly. While you many not be familiar with the names of the journals, the names of the schools are unmistakable, but If you hadn’t been reading this article, you would probably not know who publishes #4. This is just one example of the uniqueness of the remarkable Israeli law (and business) school known as the College of Law and Business, or CLB.

CLB resides in Ramat Gan, adjacent to Tel-Aviv, and has a student body of roughly 2,000. Looking more closely uncovers the secrets of this exclusive institution. CLB is led by a faculty of prominent and accomplished professors, presided over by Prof. Moshe Cohen-Eliya, who is also the founder and former editor-in- chief of the Law & Ethics of Human Rights journal. This faculty and the school are one of Israel’s foremost constitutional watchdogs, having submitted and won numerous petitions to the country’s supreme court. CLB offers its students an opportunity to intern at some of the globe’s most well known law clinics, such as the Immigration and Refugee clinics at Harvard University and the University of Pittsburgh and Linden Partners law firm in Berlin, Germany. Just this year, CLB law students won the prestigious mediation competition in Paris’s International Chamber of Commerce. Not bad, for a boutique law school from Ramat Gan.

Perhaps most notable are CLB’s international law programs for English Speakers, offered in partnership with Study in Israel, providing access to all of the above and many other appealing features. CLB and Study in Israel invite you to the upcoming open house on August 2 nd , 2017 in Ramat Gan to learn more:


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