Track 2: Tikkun Olam and Jewish Texts

Study in Israel

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  • Study Jewish Texts
  • Volunteer and make a difference with Tikkun Olam
  • Explore a new culture
  • Make friends from all over the world
  • Live in Tel-Aviv Apartments
  • Learn Hebrew 
  • Tour Israel


Starts September 2016


5 months: $10,500 (1 semester)

10 months: $17,000 

Non-refundable $200 application handling fee 

Track 2: Tikkun Olam and Jewish Texts Gap Programs

Not only can you deepen your own knowledge and growth, which will open the doors for future study and engagement, but you will also learn about the culture and history of Israel, from the days of old, to modern Zionism. Study alongside Israelis, study with students all over the world  and live in student apartments in Tel Aviv, the city that never sleeps!

  •  5 or 10 month program for Jewish High-school graduates from around the world with a passion for social justice.
  • Meaningful community projects, helping disadvantaged communities in Israel.
  • Better understand the complex realities in Israel from a broad range of perspectives.
  • Explore questions of social justice in the Jewish tradition.
  • Learn Hebrew and more about Israel, its people and its history through classes, tours and trips.


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