Dolphin Course Schedule

Study in Israel


10 days academic course, valued at 3 credit.

Next sessions: October 2017, April 2018

Price: $1,800 for the course + $100 application fee

(non-refundable $200 paid at registration: $100 application + $100 down-payment)

Optional: 2-stars accommodation with breakfast, 2 people sharing a double-room. $880 for 9 nights

Medical insurance offered separately. 


Dolphin Course Schedule

Welcome: Schedule and Contents of the Course. Dr. NADAV SHASHAR - Head of the Dolphin Research Laboratory, Sophie Donio M.Sc. - Head of SEAD Department, Netta reines M.Sc. - Ph.D. Student in Marine Biology
Introduction to the Dolphin Reef, with its Group of Bottlenose Dolphins and the Research Lab. netta reines  
Introduction to marine tetrapod vertebrates Dr. NADAV SHASHAR
Methods in Ethology: Systematic Collection of Data, with Special Reference to Social Behavior Dr. NADAV SHASHAR
Identification of the dolphins ROY BARKAN, Dolphin Trainer
Feeding Preparation at the Trainers Kitchen  
Animal-Assisted Therapy Sophie Donio
Watching a Feeding/Training Session  
Supportive Experience with Dolphins: Methods and Aims of Dolphin Therapy at the Dolphin Reef. Sophie Donio
Movie: “Dolphin Boy”  
Observations, Platform  
Observations, Swim  
Animal Training and training dolphins at the Dolphin Reef RONI HERSHKOVICH, Dolphin Trainer 
Bottlenose dolphin 101: Natural history: Taxonomy, Evolution, Social Structure, Reproduction, Senses. Medical Care: Husbandry Management. Dr. DANI BARCHANA, DVM. Consulting veterinarian for the Dolphin Reef in Eilat
Underwater observation   
First Aid to Marine Mammals  NETTA REINESס
Dolphin Vocal Communication Dr. NADAV SHASHAR
Working in the Water with Disable Children MEIRAV PINHAS, Water Therapist
Movie: "Life with whales"  
Ethogram Workshop Part: Observing Animals  Dr. NADAV SHASHAR
Cooperation in bottlenose dolphins: Integrating proximate and ultimate explanations Dr. AMIR PERELBERG, Hebrew University
Studying dolphin behavior in captivity: advantages and limitations Dr. AMIR PERELBERG
Introductory Dive with the Dolphins  
Autism and Therapeutical Methods with the Assistance of Dolphins. Dr. Daniel Meir, Eitanim Hospital Jerusalem, Israel
Evaluating the Human Experience in Swim with Dolphin Programs; Methodological Approaches Part 1 Dr. YAEL GUTER, Bar Ilan Univ.
Evaluating the Human Experience Part 2 Dr. YAEL GUTER
Observations, Platform  
Observations, Swim  
Marine Mammals and Dolphin Vision  Dr. AMIT LERNER Visual Ecology and Ocean Optics Reasercher at Ben Gurion University
Back to the Black: theReleasing of Dolphins from the Dolphin Reef to the Wild. SOPHIE DONIO 
Scientific Projects on Dolphin Therapy. SOPHIE DONIO 
Scientific Projects on Dolphins at the Dolphin Reef. Dr. NADAV SHASHAR
Final Discussion about the Course. SOPHIE DONIO, Dr. NADAV SHASHAR, NETTA REINES

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