Dolphin Behavior and Dolphin Assisted Therapy

Study in Israel


10 days academic course, valued at 3 credit.

Next sessions: October 2017, April 2018

Price: $1,800 for the course + $100 application fee

(non-refundable $200 paid at registration: $100 application + $100 down-payment)

Optional: 2-stars accommodation with breakfast, 2 people sharing a double-room. $880 for 9 nights

Medical insurance offered separately. 


Dolphin Behavior and Dolphin Assisted Therapy Summer Program

Whether you are a physiologist, social worker, biologist, researcher, student or an interested layman, this program has something to offer you. There is much we can learn from interacting with dolphins. Taking this once in a lifetime experience into your daily lives may well open up different opportunities that you may not have thought of.  

The course will be held in English.

Course content:

This course, while a basic introduction, aims to provide insights and knowledge into the world of the dolphins and dolphin assisted therapy. There will be 3 main areas of study. They are:

1. Dolphin Biology and Behavior Module

2. Dolphin Training and Husbandry Module

3. Dolphin Assisted Therapy Module

To ensure real life exposure to dolphins in order to compliment academic studies, the course will consist of lectures, practicals and observations.

There is a spacious 14,000 square meter area where 3 female and 2 male dolphins live in the Dolphin Reef. Working with these dolphins has been successful in helping children aged 6+ in coping with disorders such as ADHD, ADD, Down's Syndrome, Autism and various forms of mental retardation through the program "Supportive Experience with the Aid of Dolphins" was established in 1991 by Sophie Donio.

After completing the 10-day course, you will gain understanding of this exciting and important work.

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