Culinary Arts Internships

Study in Israel

Tuition: $3,500  - this includes $200 monthly stipend 

Application processing fee  $250.

Program dates:

January 2019 (English only)

June 2019 (English and Spanish classes)


Registration opens September 1st, 2018 and class spots are limited.



Kosher Cuisine Internships in Tel Aviv

IMPORTANT: Registration open September 1st - Get on our waiting list.

Participants with a background in cooking can spend their internships gaining a certificate in Israeli, Middle-Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisine. The courses would include the following topics (subject to change):

  1. Israeli Cuisine: Salads, Entrees, Folk Foods, Vegan, and Fish-Based Starters

  2. Mediterranean Cuisine, Cooking, and Recipes: Greek, Spanish, Moroccan, and Italian

  3. Middle Eastern Cuisine: Egyptian, Yemenite, and Lebanese

  4. Pastry: Classic and Mediterranean

  5. Theoretical Lessons: Wines & Alcohol, Nutrition, Food Hygiene & Sanitation, Cooking Safety, and the Kosher Kitchen


 The January 2019 program will be taught in English and the June 2019  will be offered as two classes:  one in Spanish and one in English.

The program includes internships at the large five-star hotels and restaurants in Tel Aviv.  



  • Six days of activities per week (1 day off for free-time). 

  • Out of which:  1 day is dedicated to studies and five days to professional internships. may vary on some weeks.

    • 5 shifts of 9 hours a week (includes breaks) at 5-star hotels/ restaurants in Tel Aviv area.

    • Classes will be taught at an elite gourmet cooking school in Tel Aviv.


  • The program also includes relevant enrichment:

    • Workshops and seminars on a wide range of related hospitality and culinary topics, like wine, meat, spices, and customer service.

    • Lessons about Israel including people, history, Hebrew or English language and more.

    • 6 days of tours of Israel 

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