1-Year MA in Jewish Education

Study in Israel

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Starts March 2018 & October 2018

Fully accredited distance learning program, with an intense 6-week semester in Jerusalem.

During the summer: Each week includes 4 very full days of intensive study, including a 1-day guided study tour.

Price includes all courses and study materials. 

Separate Add-Ons: flight, accommodations, and health insurance

Also Available: full Israel orientation & acclimatization package with on-call advisors

Scholarships and financial aid are available, please request form

1-Year Jewish Education Master's Distance Learning Program with a 6-Week Semester in Jerusalem

Become an Elite Educator

For the dedicated, passionate elite who have not only committed themselves to sharing knowledge, but who wish to climb beyond the everyday challenges of standard Jewish Education at every level, that next step up is now more accessible than ever. The M.A. Jewish Education program offered at the Melton Centre of Jewish Education in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has been designed for educators in both formal and informal frameworks who are interested in Jewish Education and its dialogue with the Social Sciences, Educational Philosophy, and Jewish and Israel Education.

Learn From Anywhere, Teach Everywhere

Now, You Don’t Need to Spend Years Studying Overseas

Without giving up your current position, without extended leaves of absence or loss of work, now you can earn your Masters degree in Jewish Education in just a single year, from anywhere in the world. You’ll have the benefit of an in-depth on-campus intense summer semester with 6 weeks at Hebrew University's Melton Centre in Jerusalem, Israel — one of the few truly respected institutions that offer a high-level degree in Jewish Education. For the other two semesters, your time is your own. Studies will integrate on-site and distance learning elements. You’ll enjoy a structured schedule that helps you achieve your goals, and academic support throughout your studies.

Along with the study of more general subjects like social sciences, curriculum in Jewish Education, formal and informal education, and leadership in education, the Melton Jewish Education Program also gives students a strong background in areas including contemporary Jewry, teaching traditional Jewish texts, Jewish philosophy, and Israel education.

  • 1-Year Masters Study Program
  • 2 Semesters Taught Online via Distance Learning
  • 6-Week Intense Summer Semester
  • Taught in English

For more information, and to register, contact info@universityinisrael.com or use the contact form on this page.

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