What's Included in the program

Study in Israel

Start Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 

Program Cost: $5,780
+ $250 registration application fee 

What’s included in the Culinary Beginners Track

  • Culinary Art Certification Diploma.
  • Internship at four stations: Hot Food, Cold Food, Desserts, and Events.
  • $200 Monthly Stipend from the 2nd month.
  • Pickup and Return transportation to and from airport.
  • Israeli Coordinator.
  • Accommodation - shared double room
  • Free Internet access & Cable TV at the accommodation.
  • Three meals a day – at hotel’s employee dining room.
  • Bus-pass in the city of Eilat.
  • Uniform to wear while interning in the hotels.
  • Basic knife set and personalized chef’s coat.
  • Advanced seminars in hospitality and hotel management.
  • Tours of Israel.
  • Medical Insurance

What's Included in the program

What's Included in the program*

1)   Full Tuition

2)   Accommodation – 2 people sharing a double bedroom (single-sex rooms – complex is co-ed).

3)   $200 monthly stipend (paid in local currency)

4)   Pickup and Return transportation to and from Airport.

5)   Israeli Coordinator 

6)   ‘Soft Landing’ Orientation of Israeli life.

7)   Free access to wi-fi at the accommodation.

8)   Three meals a day – served in the hotel employee dining room. (Note: During touring days, we provide only 2 meals a day).

9)   Bus-pass for the city of Eilat. (approximately 60 stations, which include travel from accommodation to hotels and city center)

10) Placement at Hotels in Eilat with rotation between two/four stations,

11) Uniform to wear while interning in the hotels and when studying. (Laundry service by the hotel)

12) FOR CULINARY STUDENTS ONLY: Kosher Knife Set/kit and personalized chef's coat - to keep after the program.

Kosher kit and knife set for Culinary arts students

13) Advanced seminars and workshops in hospitality and hotel management.

14) Israel & Middle Eastern Studies and Tours.

15) Field trips in Eilat and nearby area.

16) Basic Hebrew lessons.

  * The program reserve the right to change add, amend or subtract some of the services offered.


Be aware that the following are not included:

a) Laundry service for your bed sheets, towel, and personal clothes. There are coin-operated laundry machines and dryers in the accommodation complex.

b) Personal toiletries/hygiene products and cleaning materials for the room. 

c) Mobile phones and calling plans. You can arrange your own call and mobile services plans when here or after arrival.

d) Lunch on tour days. 

e) For Shabbat Observant, you will need to plan and purchase your own meals on Shabbat, as the meals are only offered at the hotel employee dining rooms.


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