Study in Israel

Tuition: $1,700  - this includes $200 monthly stipend 

Application processing fee  $250.

Program dates:

September 6 2017- Feb 6 2018

April - October 2018 - Culinary Arts only



This program is NOT for everyone.

There are things you need to consider before coming to this program and to a new country.

1) YOU'RE NOT A TOURIST - While the city and the area of Eilat are great places to visit, to enjoy, to tour, as a participant of the program, you are not coming as a guest or tourist. This program makes you a part of the behind-the-scenes working of large hotel operations - you see the ins and outs, the good and the bad - and (we hope) process it as the learning experience it is meant to be. 

2) CULTURE SHOCK IS GUARANTEED - Whether you've been in Israel before or not, living in a new city in a new country and culture other than your origin, will result in culture shock. At the beginning, you may often feel outside of your comfort zone and confused. This is normal - remember to take it slowly and don't be afraid to ask questions from your local coordinator who is highly experienced with this. We also recommend you read up more about the  Israeli mentality, handling culture shock and take it in stride. Yes, people live and do things differently than they do in your country.  Dealing with new cultures and living in a new country is what makes you stronger and international. 

Here are some links that can help you:

How to deal with culture shock.

Israeli communication in a nutshell

Israeli Culture Shock

3)  YOU ARE IN THE PROGRAM - NOT YOUR PARENTS: While you may choose to ask your parents for financial assistance, the person in the program in Eilat is you. You are responsible for yourself, for meeting the schedule requirements of the program, and for making the most of this life-changing learning experience. This program is for adults, and you will be treated as one. 

 4) YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND NOT TRAPPED  - Make sure to communicate to the Israeli coordinator regarding concerns you have once in the program in a clear and direct manner. Israelis are known for "straight talk" and effective program solving, so we expect you to be direct and speak first to the people who can help you.

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