Culinary Teaching Faculty

Study in Israel

Start Date: Wednesday, February 28, 2018 

Program Cost: $5,780
+ $250 registration application fee 

What’s included in the Culinary Beginners Track

  • Culinary Art Certification Diploma.
  • Internship at four stations: Hot Food, Cold Food, Desserts, and Events.
  • $200 Monthly Stipend from the 2nd month.
  • Pickup and Return transportation to and from airport.
  • Israeli Coordinator.
  • Accommodation - shared double room
  • Free Internet access & Cable TV at the accommodation.
  • Three meals a day – at hotel’s employee dining room.
  • Bus-pass in the city of Eilat.
  • Uniform to wear while interning in the hotels.
  • Basic knife set and personalized chef’s coat.
  • Advanced seminars in hospitality and hotel management.
  • Tours of Israel.
  • Medical Insurance

Teaching Faculty at the Intl School for Hotel Mgmt and Tourism

The Teaching Faculty at Ben-Gurion University Eilat's  International School for Hotel Management and Tourism include both alumni from the program and long-time chefs. 


The program is taught completely in English.


Among the faculty teaching you the culinary arts are:

 Chef Levi Ohayon 

Chef Levi Ohayon – head of the culinary program at the international school at Ben-Gurion University. Chef Ohayon is a certified level 05 chef.  He has worked at the following large hotel: Moria, has planned and open the Paradise hotel dining rooms and was the head chef, planned and established the large Herods hotels complex.

Chef Levi Ohayon

His extensive experience also includes opening the Tel Avivian restaurant Baraka, developing the food complex at the high-tech industrial zone at Ramat Hayal.

His certifications include Fusion restaurant in New York, Kitchen planning, and Cold Master cooking. He is the chief test supervisor for the Ministry of Economy’s trade certification for cooks and chefs.

In the past 8 years, he has managed the culinary arts program and the cooking courses. 




 Chef Evgeny Zelikson

Chef Evgeny Zelikson is a 04 level certified chef from Ben-Gurion University’s International School of Hotel Management and Tourism.  Chef Zelikson’s experience includes sous-chef in Canada, Executive chef at the Orchidia hotel, Saucier and dinner chef at the Royal Beach hotel.

Chef Evgeny Zelikson

Evgeny has been a professional cooking and culinary arts instructor in Jewish Summer camps in the USA.

In the last two years, he has been the head instructor for the culinary arts training courses for groups from the FSU.


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